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The traditional watch clients of Megaage (partial)

Partial list of Megaage's smart wearable clients

The core competitiveness of Megaage

Over the course of 10 years, Megaage has gradually built a core team, business processes, and a modernized manufacturing management system that aligns with consumer electronics giants. This is to meet the demands of smart wearable customers for quality, delivery, product, and craftsmanship innovation.

Qualification Display

Display of some production equipment

Rotary Automated Production Line

We have replaced traditional manual production lines with self-developed pneumatic rotary automated lines. Human intervention is limited to material loading and unloading, while all other actions are completed by machines, resulting in high efficiency and stable quality.

Fully Automated Gluing Station


Our independently developed fully automated gluing station replaces outdated glue spreading machines. It offers precise positioning, quantification, and accurate adhesive application, resulting in high production efficiency and stable quality. This innovation is an industry-first.

Automated Edge Grinding Machine

Our independently developed fully automated edge grinding machine ensures the width dimensions of the watch strap and guarantees consistency in the appearance of the side profile.

Automated Inspection Equipment

Customized CCD Inspection Equipment, capable of automatically detecting defects in finished watch straps (such as missing processes, missing/incorrectly installed components, etc.)


Fully-equipped Watch Strap Reliability Testing Center

Key Testing Equipment Inventory
EDX Hazardous Element AnalyzerDry/Wet Rub TesterPencil Hardness TesterNDJ Digital ViscometerAdhesive Viscometer
UV Testing MachineFlexural Testing MachineHigh Temperature OvenBoiling Water BathTensile/Compression Durability Testing Machine
Solar Radiation Aging ChamberTensile Testing MachineProgrammable Temperature and Humidity Cycling Test ChamberMold Testing ApparatusTorsion Durability Testing Machine
Torque Testing MachineHigh-Low Temperature Test ChamberButton Making Simulation TesterVibration Abrasion Tester 
Artificial Sweat Testing MachineSalt Spray Testing MachineTELO Light Source BoxTaber Abrasion Tester 

Introduction to Watch Strap Categories

The above showcases some of our production equipment and introductions. Next, we will introduce the production lines for various product categories.

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